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Oklahoma City Amnesty program for fines & Warrants

OKLAHOMA CITY – A new amnesty program approved by the Oklahoma City Council on Tuesday could help the city’s municipal courts resolve more than 116,000 outstanding warrants and collect over $17 million in fines over a nine-month period.

Brought forward by the Judiciary Committee, the measure would allow offenders who failed to meet court dates the opportunity to pay a reduced fine or have the fines excused entirely if it is ruled they are unable to pay. Running from July 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020, the program is a tool that Oklahoma City Municipal Courts Administrator LaShawn Thompson said could improve operations.

“The goal is to encourage people to comply with carrying out their financial obligations and also to clear the outstanding warrants,” Thompson said. “Again, we have about 116,000 outstanding warrants and it would be nice to be able to address those warrants while helping people get back on the right track.”

excerpt from the Journal Record - read full article here